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Molchanovs Freediving Instructor

Nazeef is a friendly and passionate individual that is thrilled be able to share freediving in a structured manner to others in the Maldives. Like many Maldivians, he has been in the water since a young age but it was only after correctly learning freediving and the knowledge behind it that he found a way to fully immerse himself in the underwater world. Now, he looks forward to introduce others to the secrets of discovering the underwater world in the most enjoyable and peaceful way … Freediving!

Having guided and taught hundreds of students in his decade of experience as previous scuba and watersports instructor, Nazeef is an ocean veteran that knows the Maldivian waters’ top to bottom. During his time as a Marine in the Maldivian National Defence Force, he also developed skills and a mindset crucial to safety and wellbeing. Anyone participating in water activities led by Nazeef are in the most capable hands!


Molchanovs Freediving Instructor

Tiana’s love for the ocean led her from the concrete jungles of Hong Kong to the blue waters of Maldives, with many stops around the world in-between. Though she is an experienced (scuba) divemaster, freediving has always been Tiana’s preferred way of interacting with and exploring the ocean. As an naturally outgoing and energetic person, Tiana has found that freediving is not just an activity that she loves but also a way for her to focus her zealous energy.

Tiana is that she is actually a published researcher that was studying soft coral DNA genetics during her bachelor degree. As a conservationist at heart and in training, she still freelances and works for NGOs to assist them with research projects. But for Tiana, nothing beats the feeling of freediving in the ocean and sharing the experience with others.

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Operations Manager & 

Assistant Molchanovs Freediving Instructor

Fauz’s professional career started above water in sales and marketing, but, as cliché as it sounds, he has always loved the ocean and could not resist adding professional freediving credentials to his colourful profile. It has always pleased him to be able to share the beauty of the Maldives to guests all over the world, but as a Sales Manager in the tourism industry he often did not get not get to go in the water himself. Now as an assistant freediving instructor, it is fulfilling for Fauz to blend his skills together and give people a great time in and out the water. His previous roles also provides Soulty Freedivers with invaluable insight into ensuring our customers and students receive the full 5* treatment from the moment they contact us until after they leave the water.

Oh, and did we mention that Fauz is also a talented musician that loves his 80s and 90s soft rock? When he’s not in the water you might find him down by the beach playing on his guitar. Fauz definitely has a colourful and lively persona that rubs off anyone he comes across.

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