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Advancing freediving technique and precision

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The Molchanovs Wave 2 freediving course advances your foundation by introducing new mental, equalization and diving techniques as you start diving further and deeper. With greater distance & depth, it will be important to start incorporating detail and precision to your physical technique and mental awareness while freediving. There will be two new freediving disciplines, Constant Weight No-fins, and Monofin technique (details below) to add to your freediving skillset. The course will also expand your knowledge on physical effects and phenomena that you may experience as you start diving deeper in safe manner.

At the end of the Wave 2 course, you will also walk away understanding how to train yourself to become more comfortable with further depth and distance, both physically and mentally.

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  • Molchanovs Wave 1 Certification 

  • Pass crossover Wave 1 evaluation (complete all Wave 1 certification performace requirements & exam)

  • 18 yrs old (16 w/ parental consent) 

  • Good health and signed Medical Questionanare with medical clearance if needed

  • Signed Liability Release form 

  • Signed Soulty Agreement

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4 day course

  • Daily in-water session
    (5 hrs w/ break)

  • Evening theory sessions (1.5hrs)

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1 : 4

Instructor : Student    

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5800 MVR for locals & WP holders

450 USD for foreign tourists

Price includes:

  • All equipment

  • Freediving insurance for the course

  • Molchanovs registration fee

  • Course manual & materials

  • Access to Molchanovs training tools and resources after course completion

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Wave 2 Course Components

Constant Weight
Bi-fins (CWTB)

Traditional discipline you think of in freediving; depth diving down the lines with bi-fins

Wave 2 passing requirement: 

CWTB: 24 - 30m 

Free Immersion (FIM)

Depth freediving by pulling yourself down the line. A very calm and rhythmic discipline that is almost dance like. 

Wave 2 passing requirement: 

FIM: 24 - 30m 

Dynamic Monofin (DYN)

The monofin technique is introduced in a pool or shallow water conditions. This is a seeminlgy simple, yet technical discipline that is very powerful when mastered

Technique is introduced but there is no requirement to pass Wave 1 

Base Training

After earning the Wave 1 certification, students become part of the Molchanovs Movement community and gain access to further training resources on the Base Training platform.


Dynamic Bi-fins (DYN)

Distance freediving in a pool or shallow water conditions with bi-fins.


Wave 2 passing requirement: 

DYN: 50m 

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Rescue & Safety

The number 1 rule in Molchanovs is safety. Core rescue and safety techniques are taught from the beginning for all covered freediving disciplines. 

Wave 1 passing requirement: 

Open water rescue from 10 - 15m

Open water self rescue from 10m

Demonstrate effective safety & buddying practices


Essential relaxation, breathing, and body functions in relation to freediving is covered. Having this fundamental knowledge of freediving supports you to become a stronger, safer, and more confident freediver. 

Wave 2 passing requirement: 

80%  on thirty multiple choice questions exam

Constant Weight No-fins (CNF)

Depth diving with no swimming aids requires effeciency in every movement. The challenge is a great way to  develop your physical and mental strenght. 


Wave 2 passing requirement: 

CNF: 15m

Dynamic No-fins (DNF)

Distance diving in a pool or shallow water conditions with no fins. Key is to be as efficient as possible with every stroke, kick, and movement. 

Wave 2 passing requirement: 

DNF: 35m

Static Apnea (STA)

Breath-holding in the water with no movement. The ultimate mind and body relaxation to maximise your breath-hold capability in a controlled environment. 

Wave 2 passing requirement: 

STA: 2 minute 30 seconds

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